Depuis 2007, The Decline, The Headliners, Wank for Peace, Maladroit, Mon Autre Groupe, The Konbinis, Input'es, The Argument, CID, Fanny DX, Jarod, BIAS, Fat Krak, Ed Warner, Effello et les Extraterrestres, Toxxic TV, Poésie Zéro, Draw Me a Butt, Tankred, Ben&Fist, Sons of O'Flaherty, Maggie Whackers, BBrainfreeze, Red is Dead, Shorter Than Fast, Spread Like, Black Lake, Calyxter, Disgust, U-Boat, Heads Up, Gut Eaters, Red Hankiz, Montagne Rouge, Santa Cruz, One Thousand Directions, Stinky Bollocks, Justin(e), Del Rio, The Gift, 70's PM, Personne, Goat Cheese, Puissance Cube, The Attendants, Lunch, Trouble Every Day, Homesick, La Rupture, Angry Days, Guardogs, Radio Natas, Shut up Twist Again, Kabba Kabba Hey, Doonut Disturb, 29/09, The Flanders, Dissidence Radio, The Jitters, Kich Drunk etc...
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